Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Big Egg Hunt Competition - cast your vote!

Amanda Li Hope's "Egg Bang Theory" design has been shortlisted by Wolf & Badger's Big Egg Hunt design competition and is up for public vote.
After reading the quote “The egg is a universally recognised symbol of new life” on the website of The Big Egg Hunt, Amanda came up with the concept that if the egg was the Universe, it must have started with a single golden hen! The idea would be realised by placing a golden hen within a black lacquered fibreglass egg with rays of light (e.g. bronze, copper, and aluminum rods) emanating out from around the hen and through the egg's outer shell. LED spotlights would be placed inside to give the hen some light to bask in.
The egg design is the only entry that considers the egg as a spatial volume and not just a surface to decorate. Thus, in the spirit of the egg as an object - not simply a shell - Amanda calls upon you to please cast your vote and LIKE her Egg Bang Theory design on Wolf & Badger's FB page.

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