Sunday, 9 June 2013

New Logo!

new ALH logo launched at Christmas 2012

True, it has nearly been a year since I last posted anything, but the good news is this is because I have been busy with my collections, commissions, and also a bit of rebranding. Some of you may have already noticed that I posted a new logo on my website last Christmas. This redesign is thanks to the brilliant collaboration with local design firm, Space Agency Design. The concept was similar to my first attempt - to have my initials abstracted into a something simple that reflected my architectural background. The result is pictured above! I hope people like it and feel it is also a great improvement on my first attempt back in 2009, which was a bit fussy and used an underwhelming colour (below).

Previous logo from 2009.

With a new logo in hand, I have been putting it wherever I can - new packaging, business cards, postcards, posters. My first investment was having new gift bags and boxes foil printed, which I just managed to get done in time for last November's Made in Clerkenwell: Open Studios. (Thank you, Lily, at Potters Ltd for sorting that out so quickly!) I also had new business cards printed from my favourite local printers, Moo,  who incidentally are just over the road in Shoreditch. If I do say so myself, I think my new logo sits nicely alongside the Fairtrade & Fairmined gold dual logo - a very happy accident.

It has been wonderful having a new logo. It might not be my last, but for the moment it feels like a big step for my business. And, being my first blog post in nearly a year, a sort of fresh start into a new routine of posting more blogs to mark other milestones and musings of my business. 

Thank you for reading!

new packaging with gold foil printing

new business cards hot off the press

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